Sandboarding in South Africa

South Africa is the perfect place for sandboarding with 2500km of coastal line and many coastal sand dunes. To sandboard you need sand dunes which requires wave action and wind. Thanks to the roaring forties we have lots of hard weather hitting ours vast sea shore. Not only do we have sand dunes along all our coasts but we have sand deposited on mine dumps in inland areas around Johannesburg.

The history of sandboarding in South Africa could probably be traced back many decades ago with people sliding down dunes on many types of boards or contraptions, mainly wooden boards that a rider would lie down on and go straight and fast. It was only till the late 1990’s that modern sandboarding caught on with the inspiration and popularity of snowboarding. Now days it is most practised by sandboarding operators who provide this service to adventure seeking locals and tourists. Sandboarding is very similar to snowboarding and basically if you can snowboard you can sandboard and visa versa.

 Most Sandboarding is done in eastern and western Cape although there are pockets of dunes all along the coast.

Where can you Sandboard?

For those of you who have there own sandboarding equipment all you need is google earth to locate you nearest dunes and off you go.

Popular Sandboarding Locations:

  1.  Betty’s Bay sand dunes is a spectacular spot just off the beach is a towering dune capped with rocks. It has long slopes which can provide exceptional speed. It can be a bit hard though and favours slightly damp sand.
  2. Atlantis Dunes is just North of Cape town Providing a beautiful inland sandboarding paradise. The dunes have a fantastic white colour and lots of space to ride and good for beginners, just be careful of the 4×4 speeding around the dunes.
  3. Fish Hoek. Tucked away next the small town of Fish  Hoek is a small but good little dune worth checking out.
  4. Hermanus is abound with small and large dunes for exploration.
  5. Brenton-On-Sea Knysna is a great little dune along a beautiful garden route bay. The sand here is exceptional allowing fantastic turns and speed. Contact Danor on 0724740210 for more info.
  6. Maitlands Port Elizabeth is a massive  sand dune situated at the end of a beach road which has some the steepest slopes around.

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