• Dune Adventures
    Dune Adventures Looking for things to do? For unique adventure experiences in Knysna you will want to do again and again. We offer sandboarding, Kayaking and guided hikes in the Knysna Garden Route area.
  • Sandboarding South africa
    Sandboarding South africa Well known as one of the best dunes in South Africa for sand quality and features. An adventure activty in a fantastic location right on a quiet beach at Brenton-On-Sea Knysna along the Garden Route.
  • Easy to learn
    Easy to learn Our trained expert tour guides will show you how to safely enjoy your day at the dunes. You will be handling speed in no time. Sandboarding is an easy outdoor adventure activity to learn in Knysna
  • experienced riders
    experienced riders Great features for good snowboarders, skateboarders and sandboarders to test their skills on the natural jumps that this dune is known for.
  • book now R350 p/p
    book now R350 p/pp Our adventure activity at Brenton On Sea car park, Kynsna where we walk to the dunes to enjoy an experience you will never forget.
  • Kids Activities Knysna
    Kids Activities Knysna The perfect activity for kids along the Garden Route. Kids make sandboarding look easy. Kids love sanboarding and it will be one of their favourite activities.

Sandboard down the Knysna sand dunes for fun filled day for the whole family. Experience a day of adventure at the beach sliding down dunes on sand boards. Get expert instruction by our guides to coach you from beginner to thrill seeker in no time at all. An activity to generate a thrill for a lifetime.

Meeting point

All activities start at Nautical South Restaurant Brenton-On-Sea ,Knysna where a guide will meet you and guide you along a fifteen minute walk to the dunes.

Fastest Dunes in South Africa

The dunes consist of of fine round sand particles which makes the sand soft and fast. It is well known by expert sandboarders for for its superior experience.

Size of the Dunes

The dunes are a medium size with a run of about 100m which is often too fast for most beginners to go to the top. A perfect size to walk up again and again for a three hour trip with plenty of features to make things interesting. Well known among expert sandboarders as the one of the best dunes in SA for sand quality, ease of riding and fun.


Sandboarding gear

We provide:

                Sandboard guide: All of our guides are fully trained to instruct you to carve up your first tracks in the sand or fine tune your sandboarding skills.

Sandboards : These are professionally built sandboards designed for the sole purpose of sandboarding on sand. (snowboards are not suitable for this area) Our sandboards are the choice of expert sand boarders and sandboarding tour companies all across South Africa.

Sandboard bindings: Fitted on the sandboards to keep one strapped in safe secure and to provide unparalleled control we use snowboard bindings of the highest quality. Strap your ankle boots or large shoes in these and feel in control.


What to bring:

  •                 Shoes: Most important. Without these you CANNOT ride our boards. Bring large chunky shoes preferably ankle boots like hiking boots or thick skates shoes to protect your feet and keep you strapped in safely. No flip flops or canvas shoes like converse  trainers.
  •                 Small backpack to to carry belongings on the walk
  •                 Suncream
  •                 Water and or refreshments
  •                 Sun hat
  •                 Sun Glasses       
  •                 Your own transport to the Brenton on sea car park
  •                 Swimming costume optional extra if you would like to cool off in the sea.


Sandboarding  Activity

  • The activity length is 3hrs.
  • The cost of the sandboarding tour is R350 p/person (all ages)



Sandboarding Tours Book Now

2017 Tour Times

3pm to 5:30pm

R350 p/p

Booking essential

Call 0724740210

Kayaking Tours Book Now

2017 Tour Times

8:15am to 11:00pm

R450 p/p

Booking essential

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