Sandboarding Equipment

New sandboarding equipment discussions always seem to start off the same way.

Its like snowboarding right,on sand, so I can use my snowboard equipment to sandboard? That answer can be yes and no but generally no. You wouldn’t rock up to ski lifts with a sandboard. Nope that ‘ll be a waste of time, so don’t do it on sand.

Although in some situations it can used which I will discuss in the boards section. Some of the sandboard gear can and is adapted from snowboarding. I will go through some the preferences some riders have and what I think makes more sense for particular riding styles and abilities. Sandboarding is still at an its infancy so don’t just take someones view and stick by that. Try things out see what sandboard equipment is right for the time or conditions.

Conditions can vary quite considerable which will then dictate what sort board,wax etc you may need. As you get better you instinctively know what to use and where to use it but until then you have these pages of wisdom at your disposal. Use them well and pump up your boarding experience with the right sandboarding equipment.

This not a super commercial extreme sport and without the presence of lifts on the dunes I doubt it will be become one. So in some areas getting your hands on what you need can be difficult. With modifications and home made sand gear being common place. I will cover some ideas to solve these problems but I do recommend the few sandboard manufacturers that are around.

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