• Dune Adventures
    Dune Adventures Looking for things to do? For unique adventure experiences in Knysna you will want to do again and again. We offer sandboarding, Kayaking and guided hikes in the Knysna Garden Route area.
  • Sandboarding South africa
    Sandboarding South africa Well known as one of the best dunes in South Africa for sand quality and features. An adventure activty in a fantastic location right on a quiet beach at Brenton-On-Sea Knysna along the Garden Route.
  • Easy to learn
    Easy to learn Our trained expert tour guides will show you how to safely enjoy your day at the dunes. You will be handling speed in no time. Sandboarding is an easy outdoor adventure activity to learn in Knysna
  • experienced riders
    experienced riders Great features for good snowboarders, skateboarders and sandboarders to test their skills on the natural jumps that this dune is known for.
  • book now R350 p/p
    book now R350 p/pp Our adventure activity at Brenton On Sea car park, Kynsna where we walk to the dunes to enjoy an experience you will never forget.
  • Kids Activities Knysna
    Kids Activities Knysna The perfect activity for kids along the Garden Route. Kids make sandboarding look easy. Kids love sanboarding and it will be one of their favourite activities.

Dune Adventures is based in Knysna in the Garden Route Area South Africa where we currently run tours on the dunes of Brenton-on-sea. This area does not have extensive sand dunes but small pockets all along the coast. We currently explore and enjoy this unique system and offer a service to experience the thrill and enjoyment of a fast growing adventure sport. 

The owner Danor Groenewald started Sandboarding in 2000 in Knysna as the co-founder of Sidewinder Sandboards sandboard manufacturers. Back then there were only a few sandboarding operators in the world. And two in South Africa and one in Namibia. Most operators where importing snowboards and snowboard gear and then modifying them for sandboarding. A few people were building boards but not in any large quantities and of very basic designs. We developed some designs based on the kind of dunes we ride using a composite system used in snowboards.

He then separated from the company but still continuing his interest in boarding by designing sandboards for sidewinder and gaining knowledge and experience in Snowboarding.

Dune Adventures has been formed in 2011 to provided a quality experience to the exciting adventure sport of sandboarding in the garden route.

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2017 Tour Times

3pm to 5:30pm

R350 p/p

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2017 Tour Times

8:15am to 11:00pm

R450 p/p

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